LETTER – The alumni magazine of the DAAD

The task:

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) links people and academia. And LETTER keeps the largest organization for scholarly exchange world-wide in touch with its scholarship holders and alumni. The DAAD sponsors 130,000 Germans and people from other countries – per year. With the print and digital edition we connect these academics around the globe to Germany and the German academic and research landscape.


What is of equal interest to Polish political analysts and Columbian maths prodigies or German university presidents? The DAAD alumni are smart minds and discerning readers, a world-wide network of “high potentials”, whom we also address in our role as ambassador to the research hub Germany. This is why we have conceived LETTER as an intelligent follow-up contact medium. In doing so, we focus on people and opinions, ideas and impulses. We travel across the globe to meet movers and shakers in the sciences and at universities, in Berlin, Mexico City or San Francisco. We ask how innovation occurs, what research is able to do against fake news, or how digitization is changing academia. People and careers, the advancement of knowledge and the exchange of ideas are central to all of this – topics that drive the DAAD every day. And us, too.

The conclusion:

· Conception or a modern follow-up contact medium
· Bilingual editorial work in German and English
· Ambitious reportage and portrait photography
· Journalistic text/image formats world-wide



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