go!d – The magazine of Deutsche Sporthilfe

The task:

Deutsche Sporthilfe promotes athletes – during but also beyond their active careers. With the magazine go!d we appeal to the community of athletes and sports promoters with generous story spreads, portraits and interviews from the world of top-class sport.


What does the world of top-class sport look like beyond the spectacular salaries? What drives talent, how do young athletes juggle training and education – and what follows the sporting career? We put the focus on those athletes who, despite top performances, do not get enough (media) attention in order to live off sport alone. With emotional and entertaining stories about the passion of these athletes, we delight potential promotors – from individual benefactors to big sponsors. And we also answer the question: What would constitute a lasting sports promotion and who can contribute what to it?

The conclusion

· conception of a modern community magazine
· communication design
· creation of an attractive advertising environment
· joint editorial platform



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