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The task:

We produce and maintain the leading magazine on security policy in Germany for the reservist association of the German Armed Forces, which represents the interests of about nine million former soldiers in Germany. The product centres on high-quality journalistic content that offers context in an ever more complex and crisis-stricken world. Our goal, which we pursue passionately, is implementing this to the highest standard, month after month.


.loyal is a powerful brand among German monthly magazines. The magazine deals with no lesser content than the security of our country and the complicated interrelations posing a challenge to peace in our world time and again. Those wanting to understand and explain complex issues have to form their own idea of the circumstances. Which is why we travel to war zones and crisis regions such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali and the Ukraine. We focus on fascinating coverage, exceptional photography and well-founded analysis of national and international events.

Our main focus is on the German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr. We review its development within the context of global events, without losing the necessary critical distance to its leadership.

.loyal is read by defence politicians, active and former soldiers, and a public increasingly keen to understand why so often the massive changes in the world – such as globalization and digitization – do not come about peacefully. Consequently, we rely on competent authors with many years’ experience in defence policy. And we give our stories plenty of space to unfold in a clear, reader-friendly layout.


· Editorial team and graphic design
· Printing and distribution
· Conceptual development
· Integration into online presence



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