The New Silk Road – Discover a mega project

The task:

The New Silk Road is considered to be the world’s largest infrastructure project. The initiative takes up the legendary network of trading routes on which, for 1,500 years, goods from China were transported in caravans to the Mediterranean. The mega project offers an opportunity for Asia and Europe to grow closer together under the motto “One Belt, One Road”. On behalf of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung we have developed the richly facetted multimedia storytelling format “The New Silk Road” for HSBC.


Videos, facts, knowledge checks, background – On many levels and in a wide variety of formats we have created media access for “The New Silk Road”. Users can delve into the future of the project within the digital storytelling format. Simultaneously, they can get an idea of the many economic challenges.

Digital storytelling is just one facet of our diverse publishing services. Our portfolio ranges from the classic print supplement to magazines and advertorials to multimedia formats. Our strength lies in successfully merging concepts and content.

The conclusion

· Conception
· Content and realization
· Multimedia implementation
· Storytelling formats


The New Silk Road

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