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As a billing service provider, Optica processes over three million prescriptions every month. The Stuttgart-based company has now been a reliable partner for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and podiatrists for over 40 years, performing the accurate and prompt billing of medical services that constitutes a major part of the accounting work of these independent practice owners. Now, however, the digitalisation of the healthcare sector is changing the previously largely analogue billing process and rapidly becoming part of the therapists’ practice routine. This ranges from electronic patient records and digital billing systems to new policy frameworks and even digital therapy robots that use artificial intelligence to support therapists in their work. Which of these developments are still pie in the sky and which will force the sector to make changes in the short and medium term? Answers to questions like these are provided in Zukunft Praxis, the magazine we have produced for Optica since January 2019. This specialist publication focuses on the challenges facing practice owners in the wake of the digitalisation of the healthcare sector. .


The journey to a digital healthcare future has only just begun. With Zukunft Praxis we are helping healthcare professionals advance along this path. Working close to the target group of independent therapists, we are developing reportages, background articles and interviews on topics associated with digitalisation and practice management. The focus is firmly on the issues that concern therapists today. Zukunft Praxis engages closely with the sector. That is why we speak directly with the actors concerned and keep our eye on their day-to-day practice routine. We give experts opportunities to provide useful tips on practice management or explain how developments in healthcare policy will affect the medical sector. Providing information and creating added value is the maxim of Zukunft Praxis.

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